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Childrens book reviews by StorySnoops, judge a book by more than its cover, serving fresh scoops of new books for you every day
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About Us

The StorySnoops are four moms from the San Francisco Bay Area. We live within a mile or so of each other and share the same town, schools, and circles of friends. We've followed similar, but not identical, paths--college, careers, and then children. Between us we have nine of them, ranging from first grade through high school.

Passionate readers ourselves, we each strive to foster a life-long love of reading in our children, who run the gamut from the truly voracious to the most reluctant of readers. Our children have all read things that we were perhaps not ready for them to read, and have found ourselves having conversations that we were not quite prepared for. After a meeting of the minds and a pooling of talent, StorySnoops was founded to prepare other parents for those conversations and to help them seek out books that may reflect the experiences, interests, strengths or weaknesses of their own children.

StorySnoops Children's Book Reviews is the ultimate parent-to-parent book tool--always straightforward and informative. We hope you use it as a practical resource to find the best fiction for your child. We know we do!

Tiffany Boltz
Tiffany Boltz photo
Senior Content Writer/Editor
Marketing Project Coordinator
High Tech Fraud Investigator
Private Investigator
Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Irvine

The Scoop on Tiffany {by her fellow Snoops}
Tiffany enjoys a life-long love affair with the written word. This living, breathing discussion guide remembers the plot, title, and author of every book she's ever read. Always the first to arrive at any given occasion, Tiffany is the calm one you want to call in an emergency. Commanding and confident, she would drop anything to help a friend or family member. We value Tiffany's drive, determination, and willingness to take on the tough teen topics at breakneck speed.
Tiffany’s Book List
Shannon Knowlton
Shannon Knowlton photo
Software Sales Representative
Software Order Administrator
Early Childhood Education Teacher
Bachelor of Science, Santa Clara University
Loyola University of Chicago, Rome Center

The Scoop on Shannon {by her fellow Snoops}
Shannon is a discriminating reader with the capacity to put her finger on the right book for the right person. She has particular empathy for readers with sensitive souls. An amazing advocate for her children, Shannon is funny, self-deprecating, and a loyal friend. We value Shannon's insight, speed-reading ability, and eagerness to dive into any project.
Shannon’s Book List
Eden Manseau
Eden Manseau photo
Software Direct Marketing Manager
Customer Service Representative
Teamsters Pension Auditor
Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley
Universidad Complutense, Madrid

The Scoop on Eden {by her fellow Snoops}
An avid reader, Eden enjoys sharing her love of books with others. Despite her annoying ability to do crossword puzzles in pen, Eden is irresistibly likeable, with the unique ability to put anyone at ease. A smart, logical thinker, she demonstrates a steadfast resolve that no task is insurmountable. We value Eden's tact, analytical skills, and uncompromising attention to detail.
Eden’s Book List
Jennifer Nagel
Jennifer Nagel photo
Personal Trainer
Wardrobe Stylist
Account Manager
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
Boston College Law School
Bachelor of Arts, The Pennsylvania State University

The Scoop on Jen {by her fellow Snoops}
Jen is an enthusiastic, diverse reader that is open to all types of genres. Utterly unable to procrastinate, Jen doesn't sleep until the task she's set her sights on is complete. And she never misses a workout--ever. With a disarming sense of humor, she is the kind of friend that never tells your secrets and always seems to have a great answer when her kids ask the dreaded awkward questions. We value Jen's vision, diligence, and willingness to power through the most inane book series without too many complaints.
Jen’s Book List
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