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Childrens book reviews by StorySnoops, judge a book by more than its cover, serving fresh scoops of new books for you every day
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For Authors and Publishers

We at StorySnoops accept and welcome receiving current or advanced review copies of books from authors and/or publishers. We accept all genres of fiction for readers aged 9-18. We require that books have a 10 digit ISBN number and that they be available on, as our cover art is derived from their site. At this time we do not accept self-published books or short story collections, and e-books are subject to our discretion.

Please note that we are under no obligation to review every book that we receive.

For advanced review copies with release dates, we will make every effort to post our review on the release date, or as close as possible to it. All other review copies will be read and reviewed in a timely and reasonable fashion.

StorySnoops does not sell or giveaway advanced review copies. After the book's release date, we reserve the right use our copy as a promotional item, or to donate it to a literacy program. We are open to hosting guest blogs, author interviews and to possible promotions and/or giveaways.

On each of our review book detail pages you can expect to see the following: book cover art, book title, author, publisher, genre, number of pages, ISBN, book awards, main character gender, series information, a link to for purchase, a link to for purchase, the Story (a brief summary) and the Scoop (our review). Please keep in mind that we do not write traditional literary reviews. We review the content that parents may be interested in knowing about.

All views and opinions expressed on our site and on our blog are our own and are honest and straightforward. We at StorySnoops are not compensated for reviewing books, and our revenue is derived from advertising and affiliates programs.

If you are interested in sending us a copy of a book for review, please email us for contact information at .

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