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What Jen loved about 2010

It was SO not easy for me to choose my top five favorites books from 2010!  What I came up with is an eclectic mix of genres, including Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Realistic Fiction.  What these books have in common is that they each offer thought-provoking themes while captivating the reader with highly engaging characters.  I hope your young readers will enjoy them as much as I did!

Ship Breaker — Fans of Dystopian Fiction (and those who are not!) should definitely pick up this book.  Set in the post-oil future, this absorbing read tells the story of a teen boy who, with a little luck and a lot of heart, rises above his circumstances and can’t seem to help but do the right thing.

Monsters of Men — I can’t say enough about this riveting conclusion to the Chaos Walking trilogy.  It really should really be read after the first two books, which are equally compelling.  The trilogy tackles the societal conditions that lead to conformity and war, told from the alternating perspectives of the main characters. Once readers become familiar with the unusual premise of these fast-paced books, they are tough to put down!

Split — This edgy, gripping novel confronts the reality of domestic abuse head-on.  Some of the family interactions are painful to read, but the story is rich with discussion material.  You can’t help but root for the main characters, who struggle to stop their past from defining them.

Dark LifeThis is the story of fifteen-year-old Ty, the first person born in a subsea settlement created after large parts of the continent fell into the ocean, and humans ran out of land.  Exciting from page one, this action-filled plot is sure to entertain tween fans of science fiction and adventure.

Sources of Light — This is a great pick for those who are in a book club, or those who are looking for book report material.  The story provides a unique perspective on the civil rights movement and the injustices of racism as seen through the eyes of a relatable fourteen-year-old girl.

Cheers for the New Year and happy reading to all!

-Jen, StorySnoop

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