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Sci Fi hater no more!

When you’re a Story Snoop, you don’t always get to read the books you want to read.  In a previous life, I wouldn’t touch Science Fiction with a ten-foot pole.  So when The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness made it into my pile, I was ready to hate it.  Space ships, settlers on another planet–forget it.  Nothing like starting out with an open mind.

After about twenty-five pages, I was completely hooked by the story’s unique premise. The characters can hear each other’s thoughts, so absolutely nothing is private.  This goes for animals as well, including the main character’s loyal dog.  As a dog lover, it’s no surprise that I’d get attached to a dog that’s given a voice.  Maybe a little too attached, because things don’t end well for this dog.  There I am, supervising rehearsal for the school play, and sobbing.  Out loud.  And I couldn’t put the book down.

Any book that solicits that kind of emotion from a reader has done it’s job well, regardless of genre.  From now on, I’ll think twice before rejecting a book just because it’s out of my comfort zone.

–Jen, StorySnoop

Check out The Knife of Never Letting Go for yourself. You might be surprised.

One Response to “Sci Fi hater no more!”

  1. Ms. Yingling Says:

    I hated, hated, hated this one, but my daughter loved it. She was in the minority in my school, however. It was one of the books for Battle of the Books, and none of the participants were able to finish it!

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