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In the spirit of Holiday gift giving…

In my humble opinion, there is no better gift than that of a book. Especially one that you know will be loved and treasured. My friend and fellow Snoop, Shannon, and I have been doing a holiday book gift exchange with our kids every Christmas for years and years. Each year we go out to breakfast to celebrate the holidays and the kids exchange gifts, always books. Now some of our children are not really children anymore – in fact, the oldest are leaving their nests really, really soon! – and the books have definitely matured over the years, but I guarantee you they are not too old for this special tradition.

Some of the best gifts I have ever given or received have been books. We Snoops always choose and blog about our favorite books at the end of the calendar year. The year before last, my favorite Christmas gift was a set of my own copies of my five favorite books of the year. They are prized possessions and I always smile when I see them sitting on my shelf – not only because I love the books so much, but because it was such a thoughtful gift.

Why not start a book gift exchange tradition of your own? Either amongst friends, family, or kids? Or, let us know what your favorite book is to give as a gift. What is the best book you have either given or received? Tis the gift giving season, and don’t forget that a great read is always a fantastic gift.

Happy reading!

-Tiffany, StorySnoop

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