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The Best of 2012 – Part 3

Hello everyone!

2012 was a great year for books, at least in the stack that I read! I always love these “Best of” lists – it’s like a cheat sheet for what to read – guaranteed to be great.

Here are my favorites from 2012:

Up first of my list is – of course – The Fault in our Stars. (Insert dramatic reverent sigh here.) When I read this last January, I knew it would be the best book I read all year, and I was right. My adult book club even read it, and they loved it, too. It’s a great book for your teen that you will value just as much.

Next up is Wonder, which is quite frankly, Wonder-ful. I adore this book and I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s my favorite middle grade book of the year. I hope it’s recognized as such come awards time.

The great Rebecca Stead never disappoints, and her new book, Liar & Spy, is clever and heartwarming. Middle school audiences are lucky to have this author writing just for them. I love an author who really hooks the reader from the beginning, but makes them really THINK the whole time they are reading.

And last by not least, the book that I think will become an instant children’s classic – The One and Only Ivan. This is a quiet, touching book for children and adults alike. Think Charlotte’s Web with zoo animals. It’s a gorgeous story that will touch your heart.

That’s my list. I could go on and on because there were so many amazing books in 2012.  Don’t miss The Best of 2012 Part 4 when Eden reveals her favorites!

One Response to “The Best of 2012 – Part 3”

  1. Jeff Rivera Says:

    These are great collection of books. Plot of the story The Fault in our Stars appears to be very interesting, Hazel waiting for the death to arrive and suddenly a sort of Knight in shining armor visits her in hospital and every thing changes for her. I love optimistic twist in seemingly pessimistic scenario because life often does not presents before us such miracles.

    This is where creation of great story writers take us to another world, where any thing and every thing seems to be possible. This is why I love books, movies and TV shows.

    Wonder is, as you very rightly put, wonderful. A fascinating story of the small kid, who suffers from facial deformity. His parents schooled him initially at home. Real challenge begins when Auggie gets admitted to 5th grade in a private school. What happens next appears to be really interesting. I would love to lay my hands on this book.

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