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If the Cybils judges are listening…

It’s that time of the year when lots of book awards are about to be announced. One set that we get particularly excited about over here at StorySnoops is the Cybils,┬ábecause they are given out by book bloggers and we like book bloggers a lot :-) In case you aren’t familiar with this award, it is given out for books that have both literary merit and kid appeal. Nothing more. Well-written books that kids will like to read. Go figure. Now that is my kind of award!

The nominations were open to the public in the fall, and the short lists of finalists were announced on Jan 1. Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day. Bloggers who are members of the Cybils committee are reading furiously this month, and just in case any of those good people (who must surely be a bit cross-eyed right about now!) are looking for some outside advice on the books in question, we here at StorySnoops have a few opinions we’d be delighted to share :-) We don’t read books in all of categories in which Cybils are awarded, but for those in which we do, here are our votes:

Fantasy and Science Fiction (Teen/Young Adult):

Dark, powerful and suspenseful!
Well-written, thought-provoking!

Fantasy and Science Fiction (Elementary/Middle Grade):

Truly a heartfelt gem!

Middle Grade Fiction: (one of our favorite categories!)

Indomitable spirit!
Just a great read!
Compelling, important!

Young Adult Fiction:

Discussion-worthy and different!
Intelligent, rich, extraordinary!

So there you have it. Just in case those judges need our help ;-) See the complete list of finalists here, and check back on Valentine’s Day to see if they took our advice…

Happy Reading!

-Eden, StorySnoop

2 Responses to “If the Cybils judges are listening…”

  1. Ms. Yingling Says:

    I’m sure the round two judges are listening. It will be very hard to decide MG fiction– look how many from the short list you liked!

  2. Eden Says:

    I don’t envy the decisions they have to make–so many good books!

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