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Shannon’s 2013 Newbery Predictions–no bias here!

The ALA will be announcing their awards on January 28th, and we will soon learn who will win this year’s Newbery Award.

I have been hesitant to make predictions in the past becomes sometimes those winners come straight out of left field and I never could have guessed them! But where is the fun in that? There are some solid books from 2012 that most would agree deserve, if not the Newbery Medal, then perhaps a Newbery Honor award. These are just my opinions however, so don’t laugh at me if I completely miss the mark come January 28th. With that disclaimer, I bring you my darlings for the 2013 Newbery Award.

WONDER– I loved this book, and maybe I am not supposed to say this, but it was my personal favorite. It was released a while ago, though, so I am hoping no one has forgotten about it. I love it because I know it is a book that not only moved me (a great deal) as an adult, but every kid I have given this book has loved it too. I’ve even seen it go home in the backpacks of reluctant readers. Could have something to do with that awesome cover, but the kids love it, and that is because it is just one awesome story. The strong anti-bullying message is one that all kids everywhere can benefit from, and I could go on and on…. It seems to me that Newbery tends to go to a historical fiction book (which this is not), but I am hoping this has a chance.

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN – Sweet, loveable, book that reminds me so much of a Charlotte’s Web. I also love this book for a classroom, and the story is just beautiful. Not sure if quite up to the Newbery, but a memorable story not to be missed.

LIAR AND SPY – Rebecca Stead’s last book, When You Reach Me, quite deservedly won the Newbery Award, so we know the lady can write. The writing in this book is great – hallmark Rebecca Stead. Very witty and smart with lots of twists and turns you can tell she plotted out ahead of time. The other great thing about Rebecca Stead is that she writes FOR kids, meaning she has the unique ability to write exactly what they want to read – very well. As much as I loved this book, I am not sure that it will win as it is sure to be compared to her last book, and it is not quite the masterpiece that When You Reach Me is, but I can hope, right?

SUMMER OF THE GYPSY MOTHS – Loved this book, loved the quirky characters, heartfelt moments and the fact that you had to suspend belief to get wrapped up in the story. I wonder about kids, though–not sure what they will think of this book. It might be one of those charming stories that we adults adore, but kids, not so much. I could be wrong, though…

STARRY RIVER OF THE SKY – This is the one I THINK just may win it. The companion book to the popular and acclaimed Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is just as lyrical and well told as its predecessor. Grace Lin is one of the truly excellent writers for children of our time. Her last work won a Newbery Honor,  and this one just may take home the big prize. Released late in the year, I think it knocked off a lot of its competition. It is just a flawless tale, and I think the award giving peeps will be smitten.

So those are my biased predictions. What are yours? Please share your them with us, and we can compare notes when the big announcement is made.

Looking forward to January 28th!

-Shannon, StorySnoop

One Response to “Shannon’s 2013 Newbery Predictions–no bias here!”

  1. Reving Says:

    I have to say I think Wonder or Lions of Little Rock should win, for sure. I wouldn’t be unhappy if Starry River of the Sky won, though, or The One and Only Ivan. But I bet May B. will win. I didn’t like it at all. But I think it will win.

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