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Enclave (The Razorland Trilogy #1)
by Ann Aguirre
LEXILE READING LEVEL: HL650L {what is this?}
PUBLISHER: Feiwel & Friends
NO. PAGES: 272
GENRE{S}: Dystopian Fiction
SERIES: The Razorland Trilogy
SEQUEL: Outpost (The Razorland Trilogy #2)
YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers
YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults
ISBN: 0312650086
READ & REVIEWED BY: Jen - StorySnoop

The Story
Enclave (The Razorland Trilogy #1)—Book Review

After New York City was destroyed by war and plague, the survivors fled, some to underground enclaves like College, the one where Deuce lives. For the community to endure, strict rules are enforced by the elders--who usually do not live past their twenties--and everyone is assigned one of three roles: builder, breeder, or hunter. Deuce has spent her entire life training to be a huntress, one of an elite group that protects the enclave. After her fifteenth birthday, the new huntress is assigned a partner, Fade, a mysterious boy two years her elder who is rumored to have survived on his own Topside. Out on patrol, Deuce and Fade discover that a nearby enclave has been wiped out by Freaks, mutants who live in the tunnels and feed on anything alive or dead, even one another. But when Deuce and Fade warn the elders, the two are ordered to keep the information to themselves and are eventually exiled. Once Topside, their only chance for survival is to escape the ruined city before the Freaks or treacherous gang members can get to them. Guided only by Fade's memories, the two must face obstacles that even their hunter training could not prepare them for.
The Scoop
Enclave (The Razorland Trilogy #1)—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

Enclave is the first installment in a new dystopian series that is sure to appeal to fans of The Hunger Games. This engrossing and quick read features a highly likable and strong female character, lots of action, and even some romance. Main character Deuce is compelled to become the best huntress that she can be to make her trainer and her enclave proud. But she slowly begins to question the authority and intentions of the elders after they kill a blind boy from another enclave and make a rebellious friend's murder look like suicide. Disillusioned, Deuce finds herself making a choice that leads to her exile and her loyal partner Fade is more than eager to join her. Both in the tunnels and Topside, the two are attacked by fearsome creatures that they must kill. Some of these battle scenes can be a bit gory as there is quite a bit of blood and the Freaks do feast on the dead or almost dead. As a nice contast, a sweet romance develops between Deuce and Fade, and a new character arrives to compete for Deuce's affections. Fans of Enclave will be eager to follow Deuce's adventures in Outpost.
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Enclave (The Razorland Trilogy #1)—Book Review

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