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The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green
PUBLISHER: Dutton Children's
NO. PAGES: 336
GENRE{S}: Realistic Fiction
A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year
YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults
ISBN: 0525478817
READ & REVIEWED BY: Shannon - StorySnoop

The Story
The Fault in Our Stars—Book Review

Even though the tumor shrinking medical miracle has bought Hazel a few years, her brand of cancer is terminal, her final chapter already written. However, when beautiful and sexy Augustus Waters show up at her Cancer Kid Support Group, her story takes a fascinating turn, and, unbeknownst to Hazel, is about to be totally rewritten.
The Scoop
The Fault in Our Stars—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

Printz-award winner John Green does it again in what very well could be his best work ever. It is one of those books that can easily be read in one sitting. The beginning hooks the reader right away with an introduction to sixteen-year-old Hazel, the witty and smart narrator who is "living with cancer" thanks to a miracle drug that has stopped the growth of cancer cells in her body. In a cancer support group for teens she meets Gus, who has recovered from ostesarcoma. One might expect the story to be a downer--the subject matter sounds depressing enough. But the author uses his own experiences volunteering in a children's hospital to create very real characters, not the perfectly saintly dying characters featured in most books. Instead they are funny, flawed, and "normal" teens. Characters Hazel, Gus, his friend Issaac, and Hazel parent's are delightful, and additional characters are also well written and enchanting. Readers will find it impossible to put this book down, will both laugh and cry at the same time, and will want to read it again once finished. There is some infrequent language (sh-t and h-ll). Two sixteen-year-old characters in love have protected sex (both losing their virginity) but it is not described. They also drink champagne on a special occasion. Readers should not be scared away by the subject matter--it will be loved by teen girls and boys alike (and even their parents). Teachers will appreciate the vocabulary, references to literature, and extensive use of symbolism and metaphors. The Fault in Our Stars would make an excellent selection for a teen book club read, as those who finish it will be eager to discuss it.
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The Fault in Our Stars—Book Review

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