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The Story of Us
by Deb Caletti
PUBLISHER: Simon Pulse
NO. PAGES: 400
GENRE{S}: Realistic Fiction
ISBN: 1442423463
READ & REVIEWED BY: Tiffany - StorySnoop

The Story
The Story of Us—Book Review

Cricket is at a crossroads. She has graduated from high school, is holding places at two universities, is in limbo with her boyfriend, oh and her mother is getting remarried. Maybe. Her mother has a history of fleeing, just prior to her weddings and Cricket is nervous. When two families who are attempting to blend, grandparents, friends, two dogs and a whole lot of tension come together under one roof, Cricket wonders if she will stay sane, let alone see a wedding take place.
The Scoop
The Story of Us—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

Perfectly capturing all the feelings of a teen girl with some big decisions to make, The Story of Us is an exceptional read. Family and change are at the heart of this well-written, witty and heartwarming story. Cricket and her long-time boyfriend are kind of on a break, stuck between together and apart, and the story of how they fell in love and got to where they are is told in emails interspersed within the story. Theirs is a beautiful and committed relationship that began from an important friendship. Loss of virginity is described, tastefully, as part of this committed relationship. Cricket struggles with the love, trust, and comfort she has with Janssen and the fact that it might simply be time to move on. Moving, her mother's re-marriage, college--all the big changes Cricket is facing are extremely difficult for her. Her wacky family and some bizarre circumstances make for some laugh out loud moments that mix well with the heavier undertones. Cricket's parents are divorced and her father was physically abusive to her mother, which is referenced numerous times. Kissing, making out, and some topless moments do take place. Language is graphic at times and somewhat prevalent, though appropriate for the age of the characters. Teens drink alcohol at a beach party, and Cricket gets drunk for the first time ever. One adult character smokes a lot of pot, somewhat comically, though her husband finally has enough, gives her an ultimatum and she quits. The love of the family dog, and of dogs in general, is a large part of the story, and sensitive animal lovers will need to be prepared to have some tissues on hand at the end. Complicated family relationships are portrayed with authenticity and honesty, and Cricket and her family are relatable and endearing. This book is probably best suited to an audience older than the publisher's recommended age of twelve and up.
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