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The Edge of Nowhere
by Elizabeth George
PUBLISHER: Viking Children's
NO. PAGES: 448
GENRE{S}: Realistic Fiction
SERIES: The Edge of Nowhere
Edgar Nominee
ISBN: 0670012963
READ & REVIEWED BY: Eden - StorySnoop

The Story
The Edge of Nowhere—Book Review

Fourteen-year-old Becca King has a psychic ability to hear "whispers" from other people's thoughts. It's this dubious "talent" that has her running for her life from her former step father. A series of unexpected events leaves Becca stranded without her mother on Whidby Island in Washington--close enough to civilization, but as far as Becca is concerned, it could also be its own planet. She is befriended by several of the residents, but is strangely drawn to the popular Derric, a Ugandan orphan adopted by a local family. When Derric is seriously injured in an accident, Becca's quest to understand the mysterious messages his subconscious is sending her leads to a gradual unraveling of the secrets of the people on the island, and a deeper understanding of herself and her gift.
The Scoop
The Edge of Nowhere—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

The Edge of Nowhere is adult author Elizabeth George's first foray into young adult literature, and her adult fans (who will likely enjoy this book as well) will be delighted to share this title with their teens. As is her style, the author's focus is on characterization, and readers will be disappointed to leave their new friends when they finish this book. It is filled with interesting and imperfect people, whom teens will relate well to, perhaps recognizing pieces of themselves or people they know. Becca begins the story as an emotionally lost young girl, whose struggles to simply survive and wait for her mother to come for her lead to a coming of age of sorts. While the story doesn't revolve around drug and alcohol use, there are many clear indications that this lifestyle is a problem in this small community. A reformed alcoholic comes to terms with the fact that her drinking led to the death of her daughter several years earlier. Another character is hastily judgmental about a long-haired high school dropout, assuming the worst about drug use. The smoking habits of the "stoner" group at the high school are discussed. While the plot revolves around the mystery of what happened to Derric, the themes of drug use and teens trying to find themselves are mature enough that this book will likely be most appreciated by readers slightly older than the publisher's recommended age of twelve. Language is infrequent (b-tch, a-shole, pr-ck, h-ll). The great news for fans is that this is the first title in a series about Whidby Island.
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