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Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions)
by Lemony Snicket
LEXILE READING LEVEL: 870L {what is this?}
PUBLISHER: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
NO. PAGES: 272
GENRE{S}: Realistic Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Adventure
SERIES: All the Wrong Questions
SEQUEL: When Did You See Her Last? (All The Wrong Questions, Book 2)
A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year
Kirkus Reviews - Best Children or Starred Review
ISBN: 0316123080
READ & REVIEWED BY: Shannon - StorySnoop

The Story
Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions)—Book Review

Lemony Snicket is back and writing a memoir of his life in this first volume in the four-part retelling of his childhood. Thirteen-year-old Lemony is on his own, away from anyone he knows or trusts. His life changes suddenly when a strange woman chauffeurs him away to an unknown location. There he becomes her apprentice in a mysterious organization that no one knows about. They set out to solve a mystery of a stolen statue, and in the process, Lemony encounters the small town's quirky cast of characters, and starts asking questions he shouldn't be asking.
The Scoop
Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions)—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions) is the first in a new planned series by Lemony Snicket, known for the wildly popular series, The Series of Unfortunate Events. Written with the same dark and cynical humor, this is one smartly-written and entertaining read. Readers who enjoyed The Series of Unfortunate Events will delight once again with mysterious Mr. Snickett as a narrator. This spooky, sometimes absurd (in a good way) story, could be considered a prequel to The Series of Unfortunate Events. It's a quick and short read, and dangling loose ends are left to be tied up in the next book. As with the last series, the vocabulary may be a bit tricky for some readers, but one can usually figure out the meaning given its context. It is not necessary to have read The Series of Unfortunate Events in order to enjoy this book. However, it may encourage new fans to go back and read that excellent series. There is no violence or language.
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Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions)—Book Review

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