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Call the Shots (Swim the Fly #3)
by Don Calame
PUBLISHER: Candlewick Press
NO. PAGES: 464
GENRE{S}: Realistic Fiction
SERIES: Swim the Fly
PREQUEL: Beat the Band (Swim the Fly #2)
YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults
ISBN: 0763655562
READ & REVIEWED BY: Eden - StorySnoop

The Story
Call the Shots (Swim the Fly #3)—Book Review

Sean, Matt, and Coop, the Swim the Fly boys, are back once more, and this time Sean is the friend in need. Sean's mom and dad have just announced that they are pregnant (what?!), and in order to make room for the baby, Sean is going to have to share a room with his twin sister Cathy--his evil goth twin, who is on a mission to convince their parents that Sean is gay. But not to worry, because as usual, Coop has a hare-brained scheme to earn enough money for Sean's parents to build an addition to their house for Sean's new bedroom. The boys are going to film a really low-budget horror movie and enter it in TerrorFest. When they win first prize, they'll give the money to Sean. What could go possibly go wrong when they have no experience, no equipment, and no budget?
The Scoop
Call the Shots (Swim the Fly #3)—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

Call the Shots is the third book in the hilarious Swim the Fly trilogy, with each book focusing on one of the trio of fifteen-year-old friends. Mild-mannered Sean is in the hot seat this time, looking for love and trying hard to get out of sharing a room with his twin sister. Sean is a nice guy who doesn't stand up for himself, and as a result, is steam-rolled into dating a pushy, somewhat psycho girl that he is afraid to break up with (a situation he justifies because she has provided the camera equipment for their no-budget movie). Because Sean is unwilling to take charge and tell the truth to the crazy girlfriend, he finds himself smack in the middle of several of Coop's whacky schemes to hide from her, which generally result in major embarrassment and several lies he must explain his way out of. Older teen boys will enjoy the somewhat raunchy humor, and the numerous creative euphemisms for both boy and girl body parts and sex acts. While the boys talk big (especially Coop), nothing more than kissing actually takes place. Language ranges from goofy to graphic (a-s, sh-t, f--k, do-che), and a surprising character comes out as gay. One adult in the book openly and frequently smokes marijuana in front of the teens. When Sean is ultimately pushed to his limit he does learn to take charge of his life and stand up for what he wants, which includes the right girl for him, who has been right there all along. Reading the three books in order will give context to the various relationships, but each story stands on its own and can be enjoyed solo.
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