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Cinderella Smith #3: The Super Secret Mystery
by Stephanie Barden
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins
NO. PAGES: 144
GENRE{S}: Realistic Fiction
SERIES: Cinderella Smith
PREQUEL: Cinderella Smith #2: The More the Merrier
ISBN: 0062004433
READ & REVIEWED BY: Eden - StorySnoop

The Story
Cinderella Smith #3: The Super Secret Mystery—Book Review

Cinderella Smith's third grade class is about to start work on a new unit about endangered animals. When the kids take charge of the reports and decide to turn them into oral presentations instead, Cinderella wants to take hers to the next level and make it the most memorable presentation ever. Unfortunately, when she goes to the library to check out books about her animal, she finds that all of the books she needs are missing! It almost seems like someone might be trying to sabotage her amazing project. Suddenly, the hunt for her books is on, and she'd better solve the mystery soon, or she won't have a project to present to the class.
The Scoop
Cinderella Smith #3: The Super Secret Mystery—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

Spunky Cinderella is back for more fun, trying to solve the mystery of who has stolen the books she needs for her endangered animal report from the school library. As she delves in, she finds that at least part of the motive for the crime may have to do with jealousy over a study group that Cinderella has formed. She learns that friends can mess up, and when they do, it's sometimes best to forgive and forget. Cinderella is an imaginative, energetic and likable heroine, who takes a thoughtful approach to problem solving. She usually considers her parent's advice when issues pop up, but then adds her own creative flare to fixing the problem. Cinderella Smith books are a great choice for girls new to the chapter book genre, or for those who are fans of Junie B. Jones or Ramona Quimby.
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Cinderella Smith #3: The Super Secret Mystery—Book Review

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