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I Am Not Joey Pigza (Book 4)
by Jack Gantos
PUBLISHER: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
NO. PAGES: 224
GENRE{S}: Humor
SERIES: Joey Pigza
PREQUEL: What Would Joey Do? (Book 3)
A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year
ISBN: 0374399417
READ & REVIEWED BY: Shannon - StorySnoop

The Story
I Am Not Joey Pigza (Book 4)—Book Review

In this fourth book in the series, Joey’s stability is challenged when his deadbeat dad, who just won the lottery and bought a diner, reunites with his mother, who becomes pregnant. As usual, Joey is thrust into a series of wild and humorous situations. True to form, Joey’s dad eventually loses all the money and skips town – right after Joey decides to forgive his past sins. But with an upbeat attitude, hopeful Joey perserveres, learning about the power of forgiveness and gaining a new confidence in his abilities to handle any situation without "losing it.”
The Scoop
I Am Not Joey Pigza (Book 4)—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

While this final book in the series is the darkest, the author infuses it with so much humor that many of the underlying issues (child neglect by both parents, disrupting a child's stable life, abandonment) may be overlooked by readers. Through it all, poor Joey remains hopeful for the future and excited about the new baby. He doesn't regret forgiving his father, showing remarkable maturity for a boy his age.
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I Am Not Joey Pigza (Book 4)—Book Review

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