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The Sky is Everywhere
by Jandy Nelson
PUBLISHER: Dial Books for Young Readers
NO. PAGES: 288
GENRE{S}: Realistic Fiction
YALSA Best Books for Young Adults
YALSA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
Horn Book Fanfare
ISBN: 0803734956
READ & REVIEWED BY: Tiffany - StorySnoop

The Story
The Sky is Everywhere—Book Review

When seventeen-year-old Lennie’s older sister Bailey dies tragically and suddenly, she is absolutely lost. A hopeless romantic, band geek, and shadow to her sister’s bright light, Lennie has to figure out how to be without the one person she thought would always be there for her. She also has to figure out how to deal with the two boys who are suddenly very much in her life.
The Scoop
The Sky is Everywhere—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

Beautifully written, this story is about loss, grief, pain, healing, hoping and love. The sudden death of a vibrant nineteen-year-old is at the center of the story, and her family’s struggle to cope is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The main characters are raised by their grandmother and pot-smoking uncle, as their mother abandoned them years before. Subject matter is mature, with many references to sex, erections, nudity, making out, groping, and a teen pregnancy. Underage drinking and smoking take place, and language is graphic at times. The love stories in this book are many and multi-layered. They include the love between sisters, the mother-like love between grandmother and granddaughter, and breathtaking head-over-heels first love. Music and poetry as instruments of healing are central to the storyline and profound.
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