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StorySnoops Children's Book Reviews | The Light (Morpheus Road Book #1) | D. J. MacHale
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The Light (Morpheus Road Book #1)
by D. J. MacHale
LEXILE READING LEVEL: 620L {what is this?}
NO. PAGES: 352
GENRE{S}: Fantasy
SERIES: Morpheus Road
SEQUEL: The Black (Morpheus Road #2)
ISBN: 1416965165
READ & REVIEWED BY: Jen - StorySnoop

The Story
The Light (Morpheus Road Book #1)—Book Review

Sixteen-year-old Marshall Seaver is looking forward to an amazing summer chilling with his best friend Cooper. But when Cooper gets into trouble and is shipped off to his family's lake house for the summer, Marsh resigns himself to week after week of boredom. That is, until strange things start happening at home -- inexplicable sounds and mysterious breezes that lead Marsh to doubt his own sanity. And then Gravedigger, an illustrated character Marsh created, comes to life and tries to kill him. Alone and terrified, Marsh runs to the only person he really trusts, but Cooper has gone missing. The more Marsh learns about Cooper's disappearance, the more he is convinced that it is somehow connected to the other bizarre events in his life.
The Scoop
The Light (Morpheus Road Book #1)—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

The Light is the suspenseful first installment in a new trilogy by the author of the popular Pendragon series. Marsh does not have many friends and is a bit of a geek, but is extremely likeable. His character evolves over time, becoming more confident and courageous. Marsh is on his own during this haunting, as his father is out of town on business and his mother died two years earlier. The story does involve some violence. Gravedigger carries a pick and tries to kill Marsh himself or by controlling other people. This demon also terrifies some into lunacy, including a man who runs into the street and is killed by a truck in front of Marsh. It is discovered that Cooper died when a teen boy (controlled by Gravedigger) smashed into his fishing boat in the dark. Scare-sensitive readers should be aware that there is some creepy imagery, including blood that explodes out of a golden orb and attacking corpses in varying stages of decay. Marsh and Cooper's sister, Sydney, are chased by a reptilian monster and almost drown in a wave of blood. Language is relatively mild (p-ssed, h-ll, d-mn, a-s).
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The Light (Morpheus Road Book #1)—Book Review

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