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by Joseph Bruchac
LEXILE READING LEVEL: 860L {what is this?}
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins
NO. PAGES: 224
GENRE{S}: Mystery/Thriller
ISBN: 0061123099
READ & REVIEWED BY: Jen - StorySnoop

The Story
Bearwalker—Book Review

Being a Native American and the shortest kid in the eighth grade makes Baron feels like he does not quite fit in. That is why he is dreading the class trip to wilderness camp--the bullies will get to torture him in the forest, for a change. On the bright side, Baron is hoping for a chance to see bears. A member of the Mohawk Bear Clan, Baron has had a life-long fascination with the animals and knows all of the old legends, including that of the Bearwalker--part human, part bear, and total killing machine. But Baron encounters an even more terrifying adversary on the trip that will challenge him in ways he never thought possible.
The Scoop
Bearwalker—Book Review
{spoiler alert}

Bearwalker is a suspenseful read filled with positive messages and perfect for reluctant boy readers. Baron is a compelling character with a relatable voice, and readers will root for this underdog as he overcomes self-doubt and becomes the class hero. His mother is deployed in Iraq and his father was killed in Afghanistan. While Baron's true character is revealed in time of crisis, so too is that of his tormentors, and Baron realizes that bullies are driven by fear and that he will never be bothered by them again. The wilderness camp is the target of a plot to remove (and possibly kill) the owners so their nephews can sell the land to a developer. As a result, the students are in danger and Baron is shot. One of the plot's participants is an ex-convict and former camper who was abused by his parents as a child and then murdered his parents as an adult. Fright-sensitive readers may want to know that some creepy stories are relayed and the plot itself can be a bit scary. This book is on Oprah's reading list for boys aged ten to twelve.
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